Industry Insights

InfoCommerce Group continuously monitors and interacts with the industry, and we reflect our findings and insights back to the market in a number of ways. Read on to learn more about the specific content we produce, or just simply search everything we've produced, including nearly 1,000 blog posts:

The different types of insight and analysis we produce are as follows:

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Business Information Framework

The Business Information Framework is an industry taxonomy designed to allow to you classify information products across four dimensions: their application, business model, content model and distribution method. This organizing framework is a powerful tool for examining whether you have optimally designed and positioned your own product, identifying direct and indirect competition, and exploring new product opportunities. Please download this useful document by clicking here.

InfoCommerce Data Points

InfoCommerce Group also publishes an occasional series of single-topic reports known as InfoCommerce Data Points white papers. These reports, that range from 2-5 pages in length, are meant as a concise review of specific topics of interest to business information publishers. You can access this growing library of free reports by clicking here.

Models of Excellence Program

Created in 2003, our Models of Excellence program looks for industry “exemplars,” products that exhibit innovation and prowess in the application, business and content models, and that we recommend as worth a closer look. Once we identify a profiled, it is profiled and receives recognition at the annual Business Information and Media Summit. Click here to access our full library of these free profiles that detail why we think these are products (and companies) worth watching.

The InfoCommerce Blog

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