InfoCommerce Group Services

While ICG consults broadly across the entire spectrum of business information publishing. The InfoCommerce Group team works with each client to provide a customized approach that addresses the specific needs of the situation. We have successfully handled engagements in many diverse areas, and have provided summaries of some of these engagements below as a way to become more familiar with how we work and in what areas:

Assessing Vertical Market Opportunities

InfoCommerce Group helped us successfully build a road map to future growth. In 2008, they identified six different growth avenues to apply to our information, and to the functionality of our web offering. Most of all, I appreciated their very specific advice and their strong position and confidence regarding what we should and should not get involved in. I plan to continue to use their services and attend their conference in the future.

Bill Ault
Equipment Data Associates
Randall-Reilly Publishing

A successful data publisher sought to take their profitable approach to new market segments. In order to assess the viability of market expansion, ICG first developed a matrix of key market indicators with which to develop a scored ranking of existing sectors. We then crafted a series of in-depth vertical market reviews, examining the market structure, the nature of transactions in the marketspace and the viability of new market introductions.

Conducting Operational Due Diligence Reviews

Both strategic and private equity buyers have called on us to review target companies and operations during their due diligence process. For these engagements supporting both initial acquisitions and refinancing, ICG drew on our knowledge and experience in managing data, periodical and information businesses to assess operational strengths and weaknesses as well as market positioning, growth prospects, cost structure, operational infrastructure and key personnel.

Honing Market Growth and Positioning

A first-to-market online journal had developed strong traffic to the site, but found it increasingly difficult to convert these visitors over to their paid subscription model. Growth slowed and they asked for help in steering toward a stronger revenue stream. ICG examined the issues in the context of the market size, segment structure, and competitive set placed against the current offerings to determine recommendations on where to find future growth.

Finding New Revenue Streams

A 100% online information provider had developed adequate subscription revenues but pondered the potential of adding advertising revenue streams. Based on a foundation of primary research that queried reactions from both current paid users and potential ad prospects, ICG developed a launch strategy and implementation plan including investment and organizational considerations.

Validating New Product Ideas

A well-established and respected print publisher with a struggling online offering brought us some new concept ideas they thought would breathe life into their online product. ICG developed screening parameters to assess and rank new ideas and then conducted primary and secondary research on top ranked ideas. One concept didn’t make the grade; the other was substantially revamped once they concepts were vetted against actual market needs and reactions.

Integrating a New Acquisition

Having successfully completed an attractive acquisition of a core property, one publisher discovered that the deal came with a small unit that lacked leadership and was geographically distant. ICG stepped in to actually manage the unit during the transition, all the while also assessing its potential. Key hires were made and a comprehensive review and recommendation was delivered so that the group could move forward on solid grounding.

Measuring Market Reaction

Seeking customer feedback is an often overlooked, but critical part of satisfying market needs. The publisher of an industry directory with a long history needed a clear sense of what the market thought of the property before they began needed updates and enhancements. ICG conducted in-depth customer conversations with subscribers to this highly priced database to understand the applications, use patterns and levels of satisfaction with the product.

Sometimes It’s Just a Conversation ...

A well-established publisher was far into the process of revamping their online applications, adding rich features and capabilities. They came to ICG to walk us through their plans to get our reactions, our suggestions to tweak it and our ideas for further enhancements. And so, we sat with them for an afternoon and shared our market insights. Sometimes it’s a simple as that.

Client List

Our client list perfectly illustrate the breadth of our knowledge and expertise. Over the years, ICG has worked on client assignments in nearly a dozen countries. We invite you to explore a partial list of clients to get an even more refined sense of our capabilities and flexibility.