Models of Excellence

2016 Model of Excellence winners at the SIIA BIMS conference in Ft. Lauderdale (l-r): Katie Bullard,  DiscoverOrg ; Mark Godley,  HG Data ; Devu Ghandi,  HomeLight ; Dr. Paul Kudlow,  TrendMD  and Jonathan Fentzke, Ph.D,  OmniEarth

2016 Model of Excellence winners at the SIIA BIMS conference in Ft. Lauderdale (l-r): Katie Bullard, DiscoverOrg; Mark Godley, HG Data; Devu Ghandi, HomeLight; Dr. Paul Kudlow, TrendMD and Jonathan Fentzke, Ph.D, OmniEarth

Since 2003, the InfoCommerce Model of Excellence program has been highlighting and profiling industry exemplars to show how real revenue is generated by selling and distributing information online. These exemplars are announced to the media and showcased at the annual Models of Excellence recognition event held as part of the annual Business Information and Media Summit that we co-produce with the Software & Information Industry Association. How does a product earn a Model of Excellence nomination? Consultants at Infocommerce Group regularly scan the business information landscape to identify companies whose products — both new and established — that have important new business models, product concepts or offer technological innovation as  within the field of online information. Anyone, however, can nominate a product, and self nomination is encouraged.

To nominate a product, send an email to Roxanne Christensen. The selection process is rigorous and the large number of candidates create a high threshold for inclusion. There is no charge for becoming a Model of Excellence. Technology companies are not eligible for Models of Excellence recognition, though they are encouraged to nominate clients who make use of their technologies.


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