InfoCommerce Data Points White Papers

We’re pleased to provide the following InfoCommerce Data Points white papers, each of which provides useful insights into key aspects of the business information industry:

Audience Database Development (November, 2012)

This white paper reviews why media organizations are increasingly coming to realize that they control a typically underdeveloped asset, an asset that in fact may be essential to the ongoing success of the organization. That asset is the organization’s audience data. Maximizing this asset typically involves development of an audience database. A robust audience database contains deep knowledge and insights about the readership of your media properties. It is the keystone of your value proposition to advertisers. It’s also a powerful tool for marketing paid products as well. Click here to access the full white paper.

The Evolution and Transformation of Subscription-Based Data Products (November, 2011)

This white paper discusses the evolution of legacy data publishing and its move online, along with the rise of new online data players. By tracing the industry’s evolution from 1995 to the present, this paper seeks to explore the forces that are transforming the industry and their implications for the future. In addition, this paper also considers the impact of social media and mobile computing, and recommends an overall business posture for subscription-based data publishers. Click here to access the full white paper.

The Strategic Use of Consumer Ratings and Reviews (August, 2011)

This white paper discusses the benefits that can accrue from adding a social layer to your existing information content through the strategic use of user generated content (UGC) in the form of consumer ratings and reviews, particularly those which can be accessed through a mobile device. Additionally, this paper will describe problems to avoid as well best practices when hosting consumer-supplied ratings and reviews.  Click here to access the full white paper.