ZANA Network, a business-to-business online marketplace for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) has partnered with business information provider Kompass in a move that will provide ZANA Network members access to Kompass import and export directory.

When they register with ZANA (, companies can purchase leads from the Kompass database of more than 2.4 million global companies at a 10 percent discount off the regular subscriber cost. Members can access the Kompass content through ZANA's homepage.

The Kompass database is a prospecting tool for buyers and sellers who want to reach potential customers, resellers and distributors. Users can conduct advanced searches and obtain search results through more than 25 search criteria and 57,000 product and service categories. Subscribers can also access company profiles, PDFs of all listed companies, as well as financial data. Other options include an email messaging system to contact companies, the ability to select lists, and language selection. Subscribers can also utilize geographical selection (covering a country, region or the globe) and automatic access via IP addresses.

This partnership is certainly a smart move for ZANA Network. It truly enables the company to offer a much more robust service to its customers. The breadth of Kompass' database isn't something ZANA could have likely created on its own. So, in this case, a partnership to gain access to this data was the right thing to do. ZANA members will definitely benefit from this additional content and Kompass gains additional exposure in the process, which could help it gain new customers for its other offerings. Such partnerships can be very effective marketing tools for companies such as Kompass.