Business information provider Jigsaw and SkyData Systems, a first person-centric business mobile application provider, have formed a partnership that will equip smart phone users with mobile access to Jigsaw's directory of more than 1.5 million company contacts via a SkyData application. As a result, SkyData application users can seamlessly connect with Jigsaw's company information listings by clicking from emails, phone calls and text messages or calendar events from their mobile devices.

The integration of the Jigsaw data into SkyData's mobile service is just the first phase of the partnership between the two companies. They plan to also enable users to purchase and submit business contact information using Jigsaw's community-contributed model directly from SkyData.

It's certainly not surprising that Jigsaw has gone mobile with this alliance. More and more people rely on their phones as complete information sources and it's pretty safe to assume that many businesspeople will want to use their phone to access business information, such as the content that Jigsaw provides. Making Jigsaw available in this format was a smart move for the company as data is not nearly as valuable as actionable data. Making its data accessible whenever and wherever users need it will only help to reinforce their need for Jigsaw's service, and will probably help increase both customer loyalty and retention.

At the same time, SkyData also recognizes the need for not just mobile access to information, but information that is accurate. By partnering with an organization like Jigsaw, it will be able to provide that quality data by a brand name that is likely already familiar to many of its customers.