FreeERISA has reinvented itself. The database provider of business tax IDs has introduced a new interface and new data--along with a new Web site. Perhaps with the goal of marketing its services to a new audience, FreeERISA is making its searchable database available on

In its promotional material, FreeERISA touts the data now located on is validated by the government and that users can easily determine whether businesses are active or inactive. The site also offers special passes to enable unlimited search capabilities. Users can have the data integrated into their in-house systems for increased ease of use.

By making its data available on this new site as well as improving its interface, FreeERISA appears to have succeeded in making an old product new again. Perhaps the FreeERISA site wasn't effective enough in attracting relevant new customers. This rebranding of sorts is a relatively simple idea, but it's got the legs to be very effective. While launching new products is nice, it's not the only way in which to expand your customer base. This effort by FreeERISA is definitely worth a try.