Automotive information and marketing solutions provider R.L. Polk & Co. and ROADTODATA announced this week that Polk will acquire a majority interest in ROADTODATA, an automotive price and specifications data supplier. The new combined entity will be called Polk ROADTODATA and will offer customers price and specifications data and sales volume information globally.

Customers will now have one main source for this content; and they will eventually also gain access to vehicle comparison and data tools. Essentially, this will enable Polk to offer a more robust, value-added service to its customers. Content providers should always seek ways in which to provide a better user experience; to give customers the content and tools they need. For some providers, this means an increased focus on internal development of products and services. For others, this translates into a need for a partner that can help power those additional offerings--which is what Polk has done. Value-added services are no longer "nice to have" features. They have become "need to have" offerings. Content providers definitely "need to have" these content offerings within their portfolios in order to attract and maintain valuable customers.