, an international directions-based Web resource, has expanded its geographic offerings to help users navigate public transportation in the Houston metropolitan area. The service improves on the current Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) Trip Planner by helping individuals who are traveling in this region. Working with the area's major transportation providers, has incorporated advanced algorithms and GIS technology to create maps and directions using public transportation.

Users can easily get directions to local tourist attractions and any other destinations, as takes into account which mode of transportation they are using (from public trains to bus). The service is free. In addition, the site offers local guides which are actually directories of local businesses and vendors that enable users to quickly create maps and directions to and from these establishments. also offers its directions in 14 different languages. MyPublicRoute provides a more efficient and personalized experience for users by remembering previous locations entered by a user. Utilizing Travelocity technology, also enables visitors to purchase airline tickets and make hotel reservations. Users can also access the site information on the road with Mobile.

The timing of this product's availability couldn't be better. As gas prices continue to rise at a steady rate, people who never previously considered public transportation will possibly give it a second look. And those still filling their cars with gas want to conserve; and helping them find the most efficient routes to their destinations will be appreciated. By making itself part of a larger solution,, which serves cities in the U.S. and UK, is certainly positioned to make an impact in today's economic climate and it will most likely continue to launch in different cities around the globe. It won't be surprising if local transportation agencies seek out to help them build awareness and usage of their public transportation systems.