Weather-driven business solution provider WSI Corp. announced that it has formed a partnership with AC-U-KWIK that calls for the integration of AC-U-KWIK's global airport and FBO data into WSI's suite of proactive operations management products.

AC-U-KWIK has a worldwide database of 8,000 airports with hard-surfaced runways more than 3,000 feet in length, including runway dimensions, available approaches and contact information. Each airport has detailed listings for FBOs, handlers, fuel suppliers, ground transportation and catering. This information will be incorporated into WSI pre-flight briefing tools to provide pilots and dispatchers a comprehensive analysis of weather, hazards, facilities and services information for their route of flight and destination.

This alliance makes perfect sense. It creates a complete pre-flight information solution that should be valuable to the very niche customer base that requires such data. While serving current customers even better, the end result of this alliance will likely attract a set of new customers who are seeking such an integrated solution.