Demandbase has formed a partnership with Jigsaw, a business information and data services provider. Demandbase has qualified and integrated more than 1 million of Jigsaw's business contact records into the Demandbase Central technology platform. Jigsaw data is available through Demandbase's lead generation solutions: Demandbase Direct (a pay-as-you-go service for buying business contacts) and Demandbase Stream (a free software widget that lets sales and marketing people see which businesses are visiting their websites, provides a glimpse into their interests and identifies appropriate contacts for sales follow ups.

This partnership should provide immediate benefits for Demandbase. By aligning with Jigsaw, Demandbase has made its offering much more robust and more valuable to customers. With the breadth and quality of information that Jigsaw offers, Demandbase has very quickly increased the power of its lead generation platform. Users should be able to perform more effective and productive searches as a result.