Owen Media Partners Inc. has launched All Canada B2B 1 Million, a marketing and research database that contains listings of more than one million Canadian businesses. The new database serves as extension of another Owen Media property, ProFile Canada B2B Top 40,000, a marketing and research database that includes listings of more than 40,000 of Canada's leading companies, most of which are privately owned.

Both database products are available in marketer (exportable) and researcher (non-exportable) editions. According to the company, the marketer editions allow users to search, view and export data directly to their desktops. The researcher editions lack such functionality. Both databases are updated continually.

This new launch should definitely benefit Owen Media in the long and short term. Sales and marketing professionals are constantly seeking new and reliable sources that will direct them to viable new business opportunities. And Owen Media's new database certainly has the potential to become such a source.

All Canada B2B 1 Million should serve as a solid complementary product to Owen Media's Top 40,000 product, since it provides such a large, extensive view of Canadian companies of all sizes and prominence.

Sales and marketing professionals may have a tough time deciding which database to tap into, and as a result they may opt to do what Owen Media undoubtedly hopes for--purchase both products simultaneously. The new database with definitely help increase customer interest in the Top 40,000 product, as some customers may prefer to narrow their target list to those top tier companies.

While it doesn't seem that Owen Media could launch anything more comprehensive than the B2B 1 Million book, the company is not likely done creating new databases for its customer base. It will be interesting to see what the company launches next.