CUSIP Global Services has launched the CUSIP Access premium-level service for its financial services clients. The new service features enhancements that will help clients more easily find and manage data they need and integrate it into their own data management systems.

CUSIP Access is a web-based reference data verification tool that can access all CUSIP numbers, including corporate, municipal, government, mortgage-backed and private placement issuers.

Among the new functionality that CUSIP boasts is a portfolio download that allows subscribing clients to download CUSIP data for up to 25 CUSIP numbers of ISINs from an external source. CUSIP NOW has scrolling real-time alerts of new CUSIP issuances for real-time clients and issue-level searches enable subscribers to search by issue description or update date values.

CUSIP is offering other subscription services through its CUSIP Access premium-level service. One is Associated Obligor, which helps users identify complex relationships by linking entities ultimately responsible for debt service payments in the municipal market and Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). This enables searching for the industry groupings of an individual entity or viewing all entities within an industry group.

According to the company, future enhancements will include the availability of loan CUSIPs.

The increased functionality that CUSIP has created through its new premium-level service should be well-received by users who already value CUSIP's offerings. Perhaps the main features content users demand today are the ability to integrate that content into the workflow along with the ability to more easily search that content to yield the most relevant results. CUSIP's new service promises both. In addition, real-time alerts are gaining in popularity too, as the web is an ideal enabler for such immediate access to valuable content; and CUSIP has addressed this trend as well.

While current CUSIP customers will likely want to take advantage of this new functionality, prospective customers may be more apt to try this more complete offering too.