Manufacturers' News announced this week it has acquired and will merge it into its established industrial search engine, to build a more complete guide for individuals seeking manufacturers and suppliers.

IndustryNet has made a name for itself in the search engine space by only listing industrial companies. The listings are organized into one or more of IndustryNet's 10,000 product/service categories so buyers can easily identify the most relevant vendors. IndustryNet also has a request for quote feature that enables buyers to easily seek competitive bids from a variety of suppliers.

MNI compiles information about U.S. manufacturing companies and industrial businesses. Its search engine ( contains listing for nearly 600,000 companies. In addition, the company says that handles more than 20,000 unique searches each day. Users can send emails to or click through to the web sites of the 25,000 companies that have preferred listings in the directory. Users can also send requests for quotes to companies of interest to them.

Visitors to the site ( will be redirected to the IndustryNet domain.

This is certainly a smart move by Manufacturers' News. While their current search offering was robust enough to provide relevant results for users, the inclusion of IndustryNet data and functionality will only serve to make those search results even more powerful. If users can't find what they're looking for on your site, they won't hesitate to move on to a competitor. The combination of Manufacturers' News and IndustryNet should undoubtedly provide customers with exactly what they are looking for--and enable them to find it as quickly as possible. This definitely solidifies Manufacturers' News' standing in the industry and illustrates how committed the company is to providing a solid web offering.