has launched an automated manufactured housing valuation tool that enables buyers and sellers of mobile/manufactured homes immediate online access to the company's database of values.

Individuals interested in mobile/manufactured home properties can access the database 24 hours a day, seven days a week by logging onto the manufactured homes section of, completing a short questionnaire and paying a $20 fee. They will receive a detailed value appraisal report that outlines base structure value, state location adjustments and condition adjustments.

According to officials, the creation of this offering is in response to customer demand; and that many unauthorized third-party websites were using information to produce their own reports; information that felt was inaccurate. This also prompted the company to launch this service on its own.

It certainly makes sense for to deliver this content in a convenient manner for its customers. Consumers interested in the purchase or sale of mobile/manufactured homes are not likely to conduct their research only during regular business hours, so they need a service that is accessible whenever they're ready to use it. This is a perfect example how practically any content can be adapted to serve today's 24/7 demand for information--after all, N.A.D.A. has been offering such information about mobile/manufactured homes since 1973.

Because the company has such a long track record and strong brand recognition, customers will probably prefer to access this content directly from the source instead of from third-party content providers. So it shouldn't be difficult to direct those users to to access the new tool. Traffic to will undoubtedly increase as a result.