InsideView, a provider of intelligence for sales and marketing companies, announced last week its plans to acquire TrueAdvantage, which also provides sales intelligence. TrueAdvantage customers will be migrated to InsideView's application, while current InsideView customers will notice enhancements to their current services as a result of the acquisition.

InsideView's key selling point is its Web 2.0-based technology that yields more complete information for customers. It enables sales and marketing professionals to gain better insight into a company's structure--and learn who the best possible contact are--from data culled from sources such as blogs, social networks and forums.

InsideView certainly isn't as well known as other players in the business information space, even with this unique slant on marketing intelligence. Perhaps all it needs is the added strength of TrueAdvantage to propel its offering into the mainstream. With the ever-increasing popularity of Web 2.0 technology, InsideView is definitely positioned for success. Time will tell if TrueAdvantage will help the company get there.