infoUSA announced that it is changing its name to infoGROUP, effective June 1. According to a press release, company brass feel the new name better represents the organization's expanding global presence and long-term business strategy.

The company notes that many acquisitions, such as its Opinion Research buy, have effectively solidified infoUSA as a global company and prompted an expansion of infoGROUP's research and database functions.

infoGROUP, which is headquartered in Omaha, Neb., has offices in Canada, the U.K., Australia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The company plans to move into New Zealand and Ireland, as well as expand its current operations in Australia and other regions. It won't be surprising to see the company expand elsewhere over time, as this name change certainly demonstrates the company's commitment to further its presence across the globe.

It might take a while for customers to become accustomed to the new name, but the decision to take such a big step is certainly understandable. infoUSA has really been a global company for many years, but the name has definitely not reflected that. Branding is so key; and to be perceived as a global company in the marketplace, your identity has to very clearly communicate that. In that regard, a name like infoUSA was limiting the company's the perception that it is a global company.