Conducive Technology Corp.'s FlightStats platform has increased its profile with a recent affiliation with Google, launched last month--just in time for holiday travel. Google users using the search engine for airline flight information can now receive real-time flight information courtesy of FlightStats. (Conducive Technology is an ICG Model of Excellence award winner.)

All users need to do is enter a flight number and airline into the search box and they will receive departure and arrival times for the flight and if it is running on schedule. From the Google results page, users can obtain even more data, such as detailed flight information and airport conditions by clicking on a link that takes them to a page. Once there, users will find additional features, such as the ability to schedule a flight status alert.

FlightStats collects its information from data feeds from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Being a part of Google results certainly increases the prominence of FlightStats and Conducive Technology, since this makes their very useful technology readily available to a wider audience. The alliance should also drive a steady increase in traffic to the site. The site traffic could increase even more as users may eventually opt to bypass Google and visit directly for their travel information.

Still, the relationship between the two companies will benefit Google too, as it will help improve the search engine's effectiveness in travel-related searches. Many people complain that the major search engines fail to provide relevant results. With these flight information queries powered by FlightStats, such individuals won't likely be disappointed.