American Medical Information, an online provider of medical, business and consumer databases, has launched This new service is an online subscription tool created to help medical companies and sales representatives cultivate healthcare sales leads 24/7. (American Medical Information is an infoUSA company). offers users access to 730,000 physicians and surgeons, 180,000 dentists and thousands of other healthcare providers, such as chiropractors, physical therapists, and healthcare facilities. It also offers access to databases of new movers and new homeowners for building medical practices.

To make an even more complete source, American Medical Information has also added content to the site. Customers can use the tool to educate themselves on the specifics of direct marketing, as well as call planning, researching competitors and uncovering other revenue streams.

Sales professionals are constantly seeking new ways in which to increase their pipelines, uncover promising sales leads and close those sales. Any tool that promises to help them accomplish their goals is worth trying. This one has such great potential, in part, because of the backing of database powerhouse infoUSA, which is known for its vast business and consumer databases.

Getting face time with any physician is also an incredible challenge for sales reps; and it's an even more daunting task if they are targeting the wrong physicians. This new tool should definitely help reps identify the decision-makers they seek. With nearly one million names in the database at launch, should provide value for reps immediately. The around the clock access isn't revolutionary, since it's a typical feature for online services. However, it's a key feature for reps who outline their sales strategies after business hours. The availability and functionality to should undoubtedly ensure that the entire sales process keeps moving.