ChoicePoint has launched CLEAR (Consolidated Lead Evaluation and Reporting), which will provide real-time data for government and law enforcement agencies through a single interface run by ChoicePoint's public and proprietary records databases. CLEAR is a browser-based application.

CLEAR's searching capabilities provide users with access to third-party data sources to help them investigate criminal activities. Real-time entity resolution of search results helps users speed their searches. Configurable and flexible reporting, as well as charting and mapping features, make the data more understandable for users.

CLEAR truly provides a very clear example of good infocommerce. The key here is a ChoicePoint solution that aggregates multiple data sources while adding analytical tools on top. Combined, they create a more valuable product for users; a product they will be more willing to pay for; and a product they will have more loyalty for since will help them achieve all of their work goals.