Crain's BtoB Magazine and The Nielsen Company's SRDS this month launched a new direct marketing list search tool for business-to-business marketers. The new tool, BtoB's Direct Marketing List Search, is accessible at and is free to BtoB subscribers. It provides access to SRDS's complete list database of more than 20,000 business-to-business datacards as well as its search functionality.

BtoB Magazine provides subscribers with the latest business-to-business marketing news, analysis and insight, while SRDS (Standard Rate & Data Service) provides its direct marketer and list broker customers access to list data and media rates.

This partnership makes sense for all parties involved. The synergies between the two make this a great match and both BtoB Magazine and SRDS are well-positioned to provide relevant content and services to their shared customer base of direct marketers.

Obviously, they could not do this alone. But together, BtoB and SRDS have created a complete suite for direct marketers who seek to receive information about the direct marketing channel and want to follow that up with actual list research. The new tool should drive a lot more traffic to the BtoB site and could truly help SRDS recruit new customers who seek additional education in list rental, as well as boost the profile of the media outlets (magazines, newspapers, broadcast, direct marketing, online and out-of-home) that SRDS covers.