Acxiom Corp. has teamed up with Moon Valley Software to provide more accurate and detailed information for the company's InfoBase-X Telephone Directories Online. Acxiom will utilize Moon Valley's proprietary software and technology that mines the web for richer, more up-to-date business information.

Acxiom plans to incorporate the data found by Moon Valley into its existing online directory files to help local search engines present the most relevant results for their users. InfoBase-X is a repository of U.S. business and consumer marketing data that powers Acxiom's directory products.

The information that will be integrated by Moon Valley into InfoBase-X will offer a larger number of merchant web addresses, enabling local search publishers to link an online listing to the merchant's own web site. Moon Valley's software also standardizes terms by industry and works with synonyms and other variants as initial search terms with the goal of helping users find the research results they desire as quickly as possible, as it focuses on more detailed merchant attributes.

In addition, Acxiom is working on a new data delivery system that is designed to help online publishers keep up with latest information. InfoBase-X customers will be able to receive real-time updates, corrections and additions they can access through an online connection to the database.

Competition is so tight in the search engine space that companies need to do all they can to ensure that the results they generate are the best and most comprehensive available. Searchers demand the most robust results they can get, and will frequent only those search engines who regularly deliver.

By partnering with Moon Valley, Acxiom is on track to really improve the quality of local search and give users the results they need. It's clearly not enough to provide basic contact information anymore, so such a move by Acxiom was really required. In the long run, there will be many beneficiaries to this partnership: users who will find the results they want (and find them quickly) and the merchants who want to be found. It will be much easier for them to showcase their value proposition to potential customers.