Penton Media's AC-U-KWIK announced last week that users can now access AC-U-KWIK information directly from their handheld mobile devices with Web access. By using equipment such as PDAs and cell phones, customers can easily view airport data such as airport listings, fixed base operator (FBO), airport phone numbers, fuel prices and Web sites, weather information and a distance calculator on the go.

According to a company statement, this new functionality was launched as a result of customer request. If you’re ever in doubt on what product or service to launch next, certainly take into account the input you receive from senior management. But don't discount the valuable insight your customers can offer. Oftentimes, they use your products and services in ways you never dreamed--but they're using your offerings 'in the trenches', so their feedback is invaluable.

Today's customers want their information wherever, whenever they need it and in real time. Technology enables such functionality and customers know it’s available. By offering AC-U-KWIK on mobile devices, customers can virtually take the information with them--and if you're an AC-U-KWIK customer, you’re definitely not tied to a desktop computer. Now, wherever these customers are, AC-U-KWIK will be top of mind. And isn't that, at the end of the day, what publishers want?