Business information search engine ZoomInfo last week announced its plan to launch a bizographic platform. It is a website traffic analysis and advertising targeting platform based on individuals' "business demographics." The company plans to start small, making the bizographic targeting available to advertisers on the ZoomInfo web site. ZoomInfo expects to launch a full suite of related products next year.

ZoomInfo, which is known for its deep business content (profiles of 3.5 million companies and nearly 40 million professionals), has developed a proprietary mechanism for tracking and associating bizographic information (from industry to functional area to education) on business people in a non-personally identifiable way.

ZoomInfo expects this offering with help marketers target their online advertising based on the audience of a site instead of the content.

It's an interesting and timely offering, considering an ever increasing interest from advertisers to make the online channel an effective and profitable one. Still, regardless of the channel, advertisers and marketers are always looking for ways in which to reach their desired audience with the most relevant offers possible. This seems like a promising solution to many of the issues facing advertisers and marketers today. ZoomInfo is promising quick ROI for participating clients. They'll have a winner if they can deliver.