Wolters Kluwer Health has launched Integrated Facts & Comparisons. It's a combination of data from the company's Drug Facts and Comparisons and Medi-Span integrated software that serves Wolters Kluwer's pharmacist customers by enabling them to access referential drug information within their workflow.

The new product essentially makes it easier for pharmacists to access drug information by bypassing their need to log in and out of the system and enabling the pharmacists to find the information they need through fewer clicks. Users can also customize the display of the information.

Integrated Facts & Comparisons is another example of a publisher successfully leveraging the products already in its stable to bolster the quality of the company's overall offerings. Customers who were already satisfied with Drug Facts and Comparisons and Medi-Span will benefit from the combined strength of these products. And with professionals consistently demanding tools that are integrated into their workflow, the timing of this particular product launch couldn’t be better. Don't be surprised to see Wolters Kluwer duplicate this model again in its Health division as well as the company's other operating units.