The Players Directory, a directory of talent geared toward a readership of casting directors, this week launched The Australian Players Directory. The print book will be distributed to casting professionals in the U.S. and Australia and help connect them to Australian actors.

In Los Angeles (where The Players Directory originates), the book will be sent to professionals included in the database of Ausfilm, a government-industry partnership that is comprised of all of Australia's State and Territory Screen Agencies, 40 private sector screen production service companies and Australia's federal government, through the Department of Communications, IT and the Arts (DCITA).

The new directory will also target to directors and producers.

The Players Directory's strategy here is quite unique. Expanding a product's presence from Los Angeles to Australia isn't a typical route for growth. In addition, launching a new directory in a print format is also not a typical launch strategy these days. Regardless, both of these strategies appear ideal for this particular market. Australia has been the home to many popular actors in recent years (such as Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman) and it will likely yield future talent; and a print book is ideal for casting directors to tote to off-site meetings.

The Academy Players Directory was first published more than 70 years ago. This is clearly proof that this publisher understands its market's needs--and has been able to adapt to any changes to those needs. This new launch will likely continue to confirm that the publisher knows what its market wants and delivers it.