Our conference is just 2 weeks away,  and there are now just 37 seats remaining. DataContent 2010 is where ideas get ignited and business gets done. When you attend, you' re among the industry's hyper achievers, so you hear about emerging trends and big news firsthand. Need proof? Here's a sampling of what some of our presenters have been up to in just the last few days:

Reed Construction Data announced the creation of a new company, SMARTBIM LLC, which is a spin-out of its BIM Solutions Division. SMRATBIM LLC will be part-owned by Source 2, a private investment company focused on technology-enabled service companies. Don't know much about BIM (Building Information Modeling)? Well, you're in luck. Reed Construction Data CEO Iain Melville will be the keynote speaker at DataContent 2010.

2007 InfoCommerceModel of Excellence award winner Noza announced that it has been acquired by Blackbaud Inc. It looks like a perfect match: Noza's respected charitable giving database will now be paired with Blackbaud's powerful software for non-profit organizations. Noza founder Craig Harris will have a lot to talk about on our Excellence Revisited panel.

Fast-growing Compare Networks, operator of a number of vertical market online marketplaces, has just announced the acquisition of two print magazine titles, American Laboratory and American Biotechnology Laboratory, from International Scientific Communications. Print publications buttressing online marketplaces? Other savvy online players have made similar moves. Want more detail? Well, you're in luck as Compare's VP of Business Development, Bruce Bergwall, will be speaking on our Revenue 2.0 panel.


For innovation and rapid growth, look no further than InfoCommerce Model of Excellence nominee Universal Business Listing. UBL  is making a strong international push, opening offices in the Netherlands while launching a new business identity management offering in the UK. More to come? You bet, and you'll learn more from Doyal Bryant, Universal's CEO and co-founder, who'll be presenting on our Revenue 2.0 panel.

Success is all about the company you keep.  DataContent 2010 gives you access to those who make the news, and who can have a significant impact on your plans and future. Register now to join us at DataContent 2010. You'll be in excellent company!