Actionable information has long been a  cornerstone of infocommerce, and recent stats from MediaRadar, a 2011 Model of Excellence company which will be featured again when DataContent moves to Miami as part of the all-new Business & Information Media Summit, provides a fine example, and in a way that hits home for many of us. Built on an understanding of advertising sales workflow, MediaRadar makes full use of its database to yield a highly valuable product. At core, MediaRadar provides sales leads to media companies by tracking who is advertising where. At a higher value, it offers benchmarking to its clients by allowing them to easily see how they are doing versus the competition. At the highest value, it creates an analytical layer, tapping into its data at an aggregate level to find trends and insights. Consider these recently released MediaRadar insights on email advertising:

  • As annoying as everyone says email is, advertisers like it. Over a 12 month period, MediaRadar identified 19,915 distinct B2B advertisers who bought an email advertising program
  • A third of advertisers buy only email advertising
  • Those advertisers who buy via email rarely buy the full range of media options. For example, 54% of  advertisers buy print advertising with email ads,  and 47% of advertisers buy other digital advertising along with email ads
  • In a remarkable trend, 44% of email advertising now being sent by B2B media companies are dedicated email blasts, and the trend appears to be increasing
  • A lot of email-only advertisers fly under radar and are hard to identify
  • Response rates vary significantly by market
  • 30% of e-newsletters carry only a single ad; 66% carry from 1 to 3 ads, and 17% carry 5 or more ads

Most data products have this multi-dimensional potential, which can often open up new revenue and even new markets. Is your dataset working as hard for you as it can?

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