Standard & Poor's has partnered with Sky Road LLC, a hosted trading solutions services provider to the hedge fund industry, to enable S&P to access the company's real-time credit data in an integrated, cross-asset management platform. Both companies expect the partnership will help customers (such as portfolio managers, compliance officers and risk officers) more efficiently obtain S&P Credit Ratings.

The integration of the Credit Ratings into Sky Road's ASP platform will yield several capabilities for users, including front-to-back office functionality, portfolio and risk management, custom analytics, market data integration, automated prime broker and fund administrator connectivity and workflows, and disaster recovery.

Capabilities such as these are a requirement today. Customers demand tools that are fully integrated into the workflow and combining S&P's content with Sky Road's technology will effectively accomplish that for S&P's hedge fund customers. The announcement of this alliance is certainly not a surprise. S&P has been very receptive to customers' changing needs, while being equally receptive to the latest technology that responds to increasing customer demands.