R.L. Polk & Co. and Detroit Trading Company last week announce their creation of the Premier Lead Exchange, an automotive buyer/seller exchange that enables new vehicle lead buyers an opportunity to buy the best leads in a market area and pay a price based on the lead's likelihood to result in a new vehicle sale.

The Premier Lead Exchange combines the Detroit Trading Exchange with R.L. Polk & Co. predictive Internet lead scoring capabilities to rank order web-based sales leads from highest to lowest on a scale of 1 to 10. (The leads that score a "10" are five times more likely to close as leads scoring a "1."

According to a press release announcing the Exchange, the Detroit Trading Company created the Detroit Trading Exchange to promote the efficient trading of automotive leads at market-driven prices.

The timing is certainly right for this new tool as more and more consumers research their next vehicle on the web well before they set foot on the dealership lot. And, of course, leads are such a vital component of the sales process--regardless of the product; so to offer a tool that will yield the most viable leads will be a welcome addition to the automotive clients who already rely on R.L. Polk's content analysis. The Premier Lead Exchange will most definitely complement Polk's current slate of offerings and makes its lead scoring capabilities even more valuable.

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