Reed Construction Data (RCD) last week launched SmartBIM solutions for the architecture, engineering and construction markets. The solution suite will include SmartBIM Library, SmartBIM Objects and RSMeans Quick Cost Estimator.

The company expects SmartBIM will help it improve the customer experience of its Autodesk Revit by providing an object-organization solution (in SmartBIM Library), parametric BIM objects (with SmartBIM Objects) and improved ability to value a project (using RSMeans Quick Cost Estimator).

SmartBIM Library is actually a companion product to Autodesk Revit that enables design firms to more efficiently organize, manage and locate BIM content. Users can generate libraries from data and objects and drag and drop those objects directly into Revit models. SmartBIM objects will also be able to directly link to RSMeans data.

RCD has also introduced SmartBIM Objects for Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs). Having RSMeans Quick Cost Estimator within Revit will enable users to calculate the estimated value of a project specific to its location. RCD plans to integrate RSMeans data into all SmartBIM applications.

RCD continuously launches solutions that integrate into the workflow of its customers, and this new product suite is no different. These SmartBIM solutions are designed to make users more efficient in their day-to-day responsibilities.

At the same time, RCD is able to add increased value by integrating RSMeans Quick Cost Estimator with the SmartBIM solutions, creating a more robust product offering for customers.

With each new launch, RCD comes closer to becoming a one-stop-shop for its customers; a source that will guide these customers through their projects, from start to finish.