Reed Business Information has launched Reed Construction Dashboard connected by iLumen, a financial information network targeted specifically for the building and construction industry. The new offering is designed to attract public and private builders.

The network, available at, offers a variety of features, such as expert statistical analysis, anonymous peer feedback on issues, opportunities and best practices within the industry, in addition to confidential contact with lenders and advisors. The site also offers benchmarking to track trends within regional and national sub-segments and will soon launch a free networking community accessible to users who register on the site.

Reed partnered with iLumen, a financial information company that launched its own online private company marketplace, the iLumen Financial Information Network.

The launch of this new Reed network is certainly a sign of the times. Information providers are no longer just relying on more traditional information sources to attract customers. They are jumping on the social network bandwagon and creating more of a community atmosphere for their customers. It's definitely a smart strategy right now, and if Reed can effectively direct its readers to this new dashboard, they will most likely be engaged.