Flight information and data solutions company OAG (Official Airline Guide) has partnered with FCm Travel Solutions, a worldwide corporate travel and expense management consultancy, to create a one-stop travel planning and booking service.

OAG Travel Planner Pro, which will officially launch in early April, is an online business travel planning application that will enable users (business travelers and professional travel arrangers) to plan, book and manage multiple trip plans for multiple travelers. Users will also be able to create complex itineraries.

Before the creation of the new application, OAG customers had to rely on other providers to book their travel. They could only use OAG's information to create their itineraries. Now, OAG will be able to serve their complete travel needs on just one site.

This is just another great example of a data company partnering with a software firm to create a very powerful new tool. Such partnerships are a vital component in content providers' continuing quest to become one-stop shops for their customers.

Data alone isn't going to create traction for a web site. Customers want and need more than that. The content-software partnership is a true necessity in our 24/7 world.