According to several media reports, social networking site LinkedIn is expanding its U.S. operations into the European market. LinkedIn apparently got the domain recent made a hire to run advertising sales in its London office.

Part of LinkedIn's international expansion strategy is to bolster its targeted advertising program and promote is new product geared toward recruiters. Recruiter, is a collaborative human resources system that LinkedIn launched in February. It enables recruiters to search user profiles of individuals who have opted-in to such searches.

It's not surprising that LinkedIn is positioning itself for global expansion. It has already made such a strong impact in the U.S. market, that it's undoubtedly ready for more. The only real surprise is that it has taken this long for LinkedIn to make the international move.

Unlike its main competitors in the social networking space, MySpace and Facebook, LinkedIn appeals to a more professional audience--one that is most likely global in nature, or interested in networking on a global scale. Moving into London makes perfect sense since it doesn’t require translating LinkedIn's current site, making such an expansion rather quick and seamless. However, it won't be long before LinkedIn makes it way around the globe.