LexisNexis has launched ExecRelate, a service that provides users with information about directors, executives and their relationships in order to take advantage of relevant business development opportunities. The subscription-based service offers access to more than 700,000 unique personnel names and titles, more than 65,000 parent companies with more than 118,000 linked subsidiaries, nearly 200,000 of the most prominent U.S. and internationally-based public and private companies and nearly 50,000 board members from all NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX traded companies.

ExecRelate also has a side-by-side comparison feature that shows linkages and commonalities between board members in a variety of areas--such as current career or board memberships, job and board history, educational background, association memberships, certifications earned and awards won. An alert system can be activated to keep users updated on individual personnel changes and changes within an entire organization.

ExecRelate is also utilizing Web 2.0 technology to enhance its capabilities. Its social networking module, ExecRelate Relationship Manager, helps users map relationships and create connections with business development sources.

In an environment where social networking, via sites such as LinkedIn, has become increasingly popular over time, it's no surprise that LexisNexis would launch such a service. Individuals seeking business development opportunities have always recognized the value of connections and networking. Social networking technology has just brought that to the forefront of business in recent years. LexisNexis is smart to add ExecRelate to its offerings. It's a service the marketplace is definitely ready for and it will likely become a mainstream offering for business information providers in the short term.