Leadership Directories last month announced the release of its newest online offerings, the Federal Leadership Directory Online. This new online subscription database will enable users to complete all of the necessary tasks they expect from an online database today. Users can browse, search and export contact and biographical information for more than 90,000 individuals in the executive branch of government.

The Federal Leadership Directory Online will contain both D.C.-area and regional biographical offices responsible for policy-making, administration, IT, security, communications, finance, purchasing, programs as well as other areas. The database will also feature interactive org charts that will give users a visual hierarchy of the federal government from all levels, from the Executive Office of the President and Cabinet-level departments to regional offices of key agencies. Making contacts will also be easier thanks to more than 56,000 email addresses available in the directory. This includes 22,000 new ones.

Users can also build and export contact lists within a specific department or agency, or by filtering based on specific criteria, such as type of organization, location, title, job function, budget or number of employees. Listings of more than 1,000 federal programs will also be included in the database. Subscribers will also have access to more than 7,000 biographies (including more than 4.000 newly added biographies just available online) and more than 2,000 federal advisory committee members just available in the online edition. An annual subscription costs $1,200.

This new directory certainly complements Leadership Directories' properties that focus almost entirely on the government sector. Because the company has been serving its market for years, it knows what its customers want. And it seems like Leadership Directories has thought of everything. Users should be able to quickly find exactly what they are looking for and will most likely appreciate the addition of interactive org charts, which are unique to the online edition, and that will enable them to locate the appropriate departments and individuals in mere seconds. It's definitely a smart addition to the Leadership Directories product line.