Jigsaw last week announced the release of two new offerings, Jigsaw Clean and Jigsaw Team. Jigsaw Clean is a subscription-based service that automatically and regularly cleans, maintains and builds the data in corporate CRM systems. It scans a company's CRM database to update and augment out-of-date contact information. It then finds, flags and deletes dead records by comparing the database to records in the Jigsaw graveyard, which contains more than 1 million contacts. Jigsaw Clean also automatically identifies and removes duplicate records; and by using the Jigsaw directory, it updates inaccurate data and augments incomplete records with up-to-date information (direct-dial phone numbers, email addresses and titles).

Jigsaw Team is a subscription-based service that lets employees acquire contact information in bulk from Jigsaw and share it across their teams. It uses Jigsaw's online directory of more than 6.5 million business contacts to import contacts into CRM systems. The contact information users access from the directory includes a person's name, title, company name and address, direct-dial phone number and email address. The data can be integrated in CRM systems such as Salesforce.com, Oracle and Siebel, so team members can track their progress.

Both Jigsaw Clean and Jigsaw Team are interesting new offerings that really address market needs. Data cleansing is a necessary function, but not traditionally an easy one. Sales and marketing professionals know that their data isn't always the most accurate, but can't always find the time to clean it. Jigsaw Clean seems to be a very user-friendly service that will, at least at first, attract current Jigsaw users.

As an extension of Jigsaw Clean, Jigsaw Team will ensure that everyone within an organization who needs access to accurate business contact data will have it. This could be just what companies (especially sales organizations) need to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplaces. Integrating the service into these main CRM systems is a crucial function--and one that will likely motivate business professionals to give Jigsaw Team a try. Jigsaw Team also seems to be a easy-to-use offering, which should be another positive factor as Jigsaw markets its potential and current customers.