The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has enhanced the database of movie information on its website with the addition of actual videos. A collection of more than 6,000 feature-length movies and television episodes are accessible for free on the site.

Users can click a "watch it" button to access the videos. They can also click to purchase the video in DVD format at or through Amazon's Video on Demand service. (Amazon owns IMDb).

IMDb has taken a page from b-to-b content providers by bolstering its site with even more robust content than it previous had, and becoming a one-stop-shop for related content. This certainly makes a lot of sense. The only question is why it took this long.

The benefits are obvious. IMDb undoubtedly had a loyal following of site visitors before; movie and television enthusiasts just seeking basic information about their favorite movies and programs. Now, those visitors will likely spend more time on the site. They will be able to research programs and then watch them without reliance on another site.

IMDb is off to a strong start with such a large number of videos already accessible on the site. Look for this initiative to pick up steam quickly, with the addition of more videos likely to follow.

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