Technical information provider IHS increased its presence in the aerospace, defense and security space with this week's acquisition of Jane's Information Group, an information provider that services the defense industry and government markets with content, insight and analysis. It will be folded into IHS brands, including CERA (Cambridge Energy Research Associates). IHS issued 4,399 million shares of new IHS common stock in exchange for Jane's.

Both IHS and Jane's have strong market positions in aerospace, defense and government. IHS is known for its military and aerospace parts, standards and regulatory databases as well as decision-support tools and services. Jane's brings expertise in insight and analysis.

This is certainly a smart move by IHS, which noted in a company release announcing the deal its intention to strengthen its proprietary content and decision-support tool offerings. By acquiring Jane's, IHS has taken ownership of an organization with a rich history and strong position in the marketplace. Combined, IHS and Jane's will create an even more powerful provider of aerospace, defense and security solutions for its customers seeking that ever important combination of content, insight and analysis. Jane's will definitely integrate smoothly into IHS's operations as it helps the company become a more complete solutions provider within these industries.