GlobalSpec last week released PartFinder, a part number search product designed to help its users (manufacturing, industrial, technical and engineering professionals) quickly and easily find the parts they need.

PartFinder was also designed to help distributors and suppliers of the parts by raising their profile among buyers. Product results obtained by GlobalSpec users can link directly to a distributor's website--a shopping cart, inventory pages, datasheets, CAD files or a contact information page on the GlobalSpec site. Distributors can also make updates through PartFinder so that search results only yield in-stock items.

GlobalSpec notes how PartFinder is a complementary service to its SpecSearch offering that enables users to search catalogs by specification. PartFinder can assist those users in re-ordering parts, placing new orders, ordering replacement parts or finding a second source for their desired parts. Users can search for parts through a variety of criteria, such as part number, manufacturer name, distributor name or description. Access is free.

The majority of respondents to a GlobalSpec survey noted a preference for purchasing products online, so the company responded by giving those individuals exactly what they wanted. It's not surprising that such technologically savvy folks are such avid online shoppers, but if GlobalSpec wanted to keep them engaged with the site beyond GlobalSpec's content and other search-related offerings, adding the functionality that PartFinder brings was a necessary move. What's also impressive about PartFinder is that it also addresses the needs of another important customer base for GlobalSpec, product distributors and suppliers. They will also benefit from the extra exposure to potential customers that PartFinder promises. With PartFinder, GlobalSpec and every segment of its customer base should be well served to get exactly what they need.