Generate this month launched gClick Enterprise, a technology that enables employees to access business information from any web page and integrate it with data and applications behind the corporate firewall.

gClick Enterprise also scans information applications, such as Factiva, OneSource and Hoovers along with customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA) applications, such as, SAP and Siebel to provide users one customized view of aggregated business intelligence. This includes how those users connect to each company and executive through relationship-mapping (social networking) technology.

The application is a browser-based plug-in that allows users to scan web pages while simultaneously searching internal information and applications while it yields relevant results. The results page returns a collection of business information in one summary window. That information includes in-depth company and management profiles; relationship maps showing how each employee and his organization connect to these companies and executives via three degrees of separation; recent, relevant news and events about the companies and executives referenced; and results from internal information licenses and CRM/SFA data.

This new application certainly has a lot of potential. Employee productivity is such a huge issue, especially at this time of year when companies are likely taking a closer look at headcount for the New Year. Productivity is so greatly tied to a company's bottom line that any tools that will improve workers' efficiencies will be welcomed in today's extremely competitive marketplace. That's why Generate's new tool has a real chance at success.