Real estate search engine this week announced an agreement it formed with (Money magazine's online presence) to provide local home listings information to Money's 2007 list of "America's Best Places to Live."

The list, which was made available on the site this week, will offer visitors a variety of information--from homes for sale, recent home sales and "million dollar homes" located in the cities featured in the annual listing. Maps created by Trulia will also appear on the site--users just need to click on a map to obtain information about a particular home (such as location, price, photos, bedrooms and baths, and square footage. Money visitors will also be able to search for homes throughout the U.S. courtesy of Trulia technology.

This is really a smart idea by the folks at Trulia. At no cost, they have found a way to promote their wares; and Money is able to offer a nice value-add to its readers. Partnerships are a huge key to success and it looks like Trulia has found a viable one in This collaboration should certainly serve to increase Trulia's profile in the real estate industry.