Euromoney, an international and events publisher, last week continued the sell-off of a collection of properties with the sale of Metal Bulletin's Systematics database to its management. Systematics contained data on the farm machinery and construction market and was acquired only last October when Euromoney bought Metal Bulletin.

The sale represents one of several conducted by Euromoney this year (Atalink was sold in March and EIC was sold in April) and completes Euromoney's goal of selling non-core Metal Bulletin business, according to a company statement. The company plans to focus its attention instead on the finance, metals, commodities and energy markets.

Euromoney's statement didn't mention the extent of that focus on these markets. But perhaps some acquisitions after this string of sales make sense. At the same time, the sale by Euromoney shouldn't diminish the value of the Systematics database, which posted gross assets of 117,000 pounds at the time of the sale. Hopefully, it will be a better fit in its new home and will continue to provide value to its new owners and customers.