DirectoryM has relaunched its ad network that helps businesses connect to local customers online less than one year after an employee buyback. The company's hosted platform enables publishers to include local business directories and contextually-relevant articles on their web sites.

DirectoryM's content engine crawls the publishers' databases to find the content and present it to specific site visitors of a targeted region. Publishers can customize the directories to blend in with their site design and other site offerings. DirectoryM functions under a revenue-sharing model. However, other ad models, including pay-per-call, are available options.

There is certainly a need for DirectoryM's service as consumers increasingly rely on the Internet to find appropriate service providers. DirectoryM's service helps publishers offer even more relevant content to its readers while helping local businesses connect with local customers who are ready to purchase a particular product or service.

It's also a positive that employees were able to get the company back on track. It appears that the features and functionality of the DirectoryM platform remain the same; but it's possible that could change. While the company boasts impressive web site publishing partners, such as, its possible another focus will be on adding more publishers and advertisers to the network.