R.L. Polk & Co. has launched Polk's On-Line Media Reports, a new offering that provides online access to interactive reports for the media industry. The reports offer media companies information about the automotive industry they can use to better communicate with automotive advertising buyers. These new reports are just one product geared toward Polk's media company customers.

The reports contain data that helps media professionals understand automotive buying trends and market share and helps them make more informed advertising recommendations to their automotive customers.

Because customers are the ones using your products, they truly are the best equipped to know how to make them better. In this case, Polk customers asked for an easier way to use the Polk data--and Polk responded with these new online reports. This new product announcement also highlights the diversity of Polk's customer base, which includes the media companies for which the online reports are targeted, and others like automotive manufacturers and dealers, and market research firms. Polk appears to be very good at manipulating its data to make it work for everyone. The company is really making the most of its content.