CCC Information Services Inc., a provider of automotive claims and repair solutions, this week launched the CCC Valuescope Salvage Management Solutions. The new product includes a data-driven decision support tool to help with workflow related to total loss and salvage processes. The new offering will eliminate manual processes, such as data entry.

The solution includes a salvage assignment and workflow feature that eliminates users' needs to call salvage vendors for assignment. Instead the tool sends an assignment to the vendor during the handling process. Users can also obtain updates to help them determine the status of salvage disposal. In addition to the assignment and workflow feature, they can also use the CCC Intellisphere Reporting Solution to measure salvage process efficiencies during a claim's life.

This is yet another segment of professional business information users that will benefit from a solution that is integrated into the workflow. It's certainly becoming the norm, and not the exception, these days for information providers to combine content and services to create efficiencies in the workplace.

Users of the CCC Valuescope Salvage Management Solutions will undoubtedly reap immediate benefits. Perhaps the only challenge will be the learning curve. Transitioning users accustomed to manual processes may take some time. But if CCC's solution is as user-friendly as such solutions strive to be, user acceptance won't be far behind.