Penton Media's Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest, an aircraft values resource for the aviation industry, has launched a new web site and online database. The new online presence offers online information and tools to help users determine the value of business and general aviation aircraft. This content was previously only available in the publication's print and CD-ROM editions.

Users, who include aircraft dealers, bankers, pilots and aircraft owners, can quickly and easily access more than 3,000 model years of identification and value-related data--from avionics and airworthiness directives to conversions and overhauls. Digest is offering annual subscriptions to the new service.

Providing its valued content in an online format is unquestionably a vital move for the Digest--but why did it take so long? Publications available only in print and CD-ROM are certainly a rarity today. As a result, it will likely not take customers long to migrate to this new online offering. While many customers continue to appreciate the value print and CD-ROM products afford, they recognize the ease of use and increased functionality of online databases that house their niche content. Online databases are more service than product and perhaps Penton will attract a new customer base as a result of this launch.

Overall, the new web site and database strengthen Penton's presence in the aviation market as they solidly complement the company's other aviation-related offerings--AC-U-KWIK pre-flight planning publications, The Air Charter Guide air charter flight planning products, Air Transport World magazine, AC-U-KWIK Appraisals (accredited valuation services), and SpeedNews. The next logical step for the Digest now is to continually increase the functionality of the online product in line with customer input.