The Chemical Business Media Division of Access Intelligence LLC has announced the acquisition of global pricing information service Harriman Chemsult Ltd.

Harriman Chemsult, a London-based global pricing information service for the chlor-alkali sector, will join the Chemical Business Media Division, which includes the industry-leading Chemical Week and Chemical Engineering portfolios comprising magazines, conferences, newsletters and Web products. Together with sister division SRI Consulting, the group constitutes the most respected news, analysis, information and consulting services organization in the chemical market today.

Headquartered in London, and with regional offices in the U.S., South East Asia, China and South America, Harriman Chemsult was founded in 1985 by Stephen Harriman. It operates four well-respected monthly services covering global market movements and prices. Chlor-Alkali Report, Vinyl Chloride Report, Bleaching Chemicals Report and Paper Chemicals Report each cover a different aspect of the chlor-alkali and related business.

In addition, the company issues periodic multi-client consulting reports on various aspects of the industry, organizes conferences on the paper chemicals industry and on the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) market, and undertakes private-client consulting for major chemical companies worldwide.

Commentary: This looks like a smart one for Access Intelligence, which is moving aggressively to add infocommerce content and capabilities to its growing portfolio of chemical information services.