LexisNexis this week announced that it has expanded its partnership with State Net, a provider of legislative and regulatory intelligence, to provide state legislative history content within LexisNexis services. Users will now be able to view legislative history since 2003 and search the full text of documents such as committee reports and fiscal notes. Both companies expect this new content will help customers improve their legal and compliance processes.

This alliance is proof that publishers of all sizes can benefit from alliances. Even large publishing giants like LexisNexis clearly see the value in partnering to add more depth to their content and help bolster the services they offer to customers. Customers don’t care if you build or buy--it doesn't matter to them if you create a new product offering from scratch or if you acquire or partner to bring that new feature to them. They only know if you don't have something they need. LexisNexis does a great job keeping a pulse on what’s happening in their customers' world. The company understands customers' problems and it works to find solutions that will conquer any task those customers face. LexisNexis knows, as we all should, that if you can't help a customer accomplish his goals, he will find an information provider that can.