Last week, United Business Media increased the breadth of its offerings with the acquisition of Vintage Filings LLC. Companies of all sizes use Vintage's EDGAR filing services to disclose their Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings. United Business Media will now use Vintage to help it provide an even more complete slate of services to its customers.

In a company statement, United Business Media outlined exactly how this acquisition will accomplish that goal. Its subsidiary PR Newswire will now be able to offer public companies a way in which to meet all SEC disclosure demands. PR Newswire can continue to help companies distribute their news releases and host web casts as well as file their SEC documents in a timely manner.

Companies can now consider PR Newswire a one-stop shop for their publicity needs. This deal was definitely a smart move by the United Business Media brass. It's vital to understand the everyday demands of your customers and find solutions that help them ease those pressures and get their jobs done. By adding the capabilities of Vintage Filings to its portfolio, United Business Media can help its customers check another task off their to-do list. If you can help customers accomplish multiple goals, they're going to remember that. And being top of mind with customers should be top of mind for all content providers.